Patty Engberg

I began taking Yoga classes at a gym 16 years ago due to injuries from being a longtime Hairstylist, thinking the stretching would help me.

It was years later before I realized the true meaning of Yoga and the full benefits you can receive from practicing.

As a student and a teacher I am still learning, growing and discovering new things about myself.

I love teaching to share my knowledge, love of Yoga and to watch my students grow with confidence, awareness and kindness to themselves.

I received a Yoga 1 certification in 2009 through American Fitness Association (AFPA) and Yoga 2 certification in 2010 through AFPA.

In 2018 I completed a Yoga Alliance accredited 200 YTT at Soul Yoga Studio through Eva Whipple.

I went on to to complete a 300 YTT in 2022 with Jason Crandell.

I believe there is a Yoga class to fit everyone’s body and lifestyle, find one that speaks to you.

I teach a safe, friendly alignment-based Hatha class for all levels. I will be honored to share space with all of you.

Have fun in your practice-Laugh, Cry, Breathe, Explore, Learn and Grow!!

Where There Is Love There Is Light