Michelle Potter

Michelle found yoga nearly a decade ago as a means to gain flexibility and stretch sore muscles after workouts. Having grown up with athletics at the forefront, Michelle has always enjoyed the betterment that movement brings to oneself. Though her journey with yoga began strictly for the physical benefits, it has expanded into a passion for the deep connection between breath, inner consciousness and movement. Michelle believes it is this connection that provides physical strength, mental fortitude, a sense of love and compassion for humanity and an appreciation for both the joys and struggles of life. She completed her 200hr YTT at Soul Yoga Studio in Salisbury, MD in 2018. Since then Michelle has been striving to bring her passion for the practice into every class; with the intention of helping others to find the gifts of strength, self-love, compassion and contentment within themselves. “Everything is within. Seek nothing outside of yourself.” -Miyamoto Musashi