Matt Wood

Matt fell in love with yoga in the summer of 2017. After attending his first class, he wondered how he could incorporate his newly developed passion for yoga with his love of dance and music. After attending his first Buti Yoga class in the winter of 2017, he found his true calling.

Matt uniquely and systematically sequences his classes through energetics. His classes are heavily driven by music and he prides himself on creating full yoga experiences for his students, not just providing a “workout” class. His goal is for his students to leave feeling energized. Matt’s dynamic classes encourage power, movement and flow and his restorative classes leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Outside of the studio, Matt holds a Bachelor and Master degree in Education and works as a Teacher. His passion for yoga flows into the hearts of his students where he encourages self-empowerment, love and acceptance. Matt gains inspiration from Buti Yoga and Lotus Flow and credits his mentors Becky Kain, Dawn Ehman and Jared Rowan.