Jared Rowan

Jared has been a yoga practitioner for nearly 10 years and a yoga teacher for 6 years. He believes in the evolution of yoga and promises to teach yoga as an experience and means to living your life. Jared is nearing his advanced teaching certification (300-hr RYT) with Laughing Lotus in Manhattan, NY, most recently completing a pilgrimage to India, where he studied advanced energetics and Chakras.

His class offerings are filled with spontaneity, “pazazz” and freedom, rich with the “Lotus Flow” (a specific style of Vinyasa). Through the Lotus Flow, his offerings are sequenced through the 7 chakras and unique dharmas (themes) are threaded throughout each class. Jared’s offerings promise to ignite your heart, connect you to your spirit and make you sweat, filled with love and laughter. He will have you questioning if you are taking life too seriously and if you are living authentically as YOU. Jared will challenge you to “show up” on your mat and in your life!

Jared attributes his growth and evolution to his teachers: Mary Dana Abbott, Deborah Langley, Ali Cramer, Dana Trixie Flynn and Dawn Ehman. So what are you waiting for!? Join him and experience the Lotus Flow!