Emmanuelle Clouser

Emmanuelle has been practicing yoga since 2011; she is both passionate about learning and about connecting with people. Her interest in physical activity developed at a young age when she started swimming competitively. Later in life, she studied Physical and Health Education at McGill University in Montreal, Canada where she was also a member of the swim team. She discovered yoga during her college years as a way to slow down and connect with her body; she has been hooked ever since.

In January 2016, Emmanuelle traveled to Nicaragua to participate in a 500 hour yoga teacher training. This was a life changing adventure that strengthened her desire to share the practice of yoga with others. Since then, she has attended a vinyasa flow training, a sequencing training and became a certified Reiki Master. In the past year she has traveled across North America and has taught yoga from coast to coast. She is happy to have landed here and to continue to share her passion.