Alana McGeehan

Yoga found me years ago, during a make it or break it period of my life and taught me to trust that everything unfolds at the proper time. The universe provides what we need just when we need it.

For me, Yoga reflects the ebb and flow of life, love and our relationship with ourself. While I learn to be at peace with what I cannot control, I find comfort in the fluidity of my Yoga practice. As I transform and my energy shifts, so does my practice. Each encounter with my mat expands my awareness exercising my mind and physical self.

My journey continues to be one of deep healing and has developed into a more meditative approach. I take pleasure in teaching the art of cultivating energies and manifestation while working on restoring the body.

The truth is, everyone shows up to the mat differently, for a different purpose, searching for a different strength, and seeking the alignment that is true to themselves. Your practice is unique to you, as your guide I am here to unite you with the uncomfortable and find the harmony that is your dharma.